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Entrevista com o gênio



Aqui. E dia 16 de dezembro tem Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale, com 80 minutos de duração. E segundo o Tim Goodman:

“It’s a stunningly great piece of work – an emotional patchwork of dark, hilarious, moving, smart and dramatic moments. Not only is it one of the best farewell episodes in TV series history – Gervais and Stephen Merchant take care to wrap up loose ends and bring the series to its pitch-perfect end – there’s real depth and diversity of emotion involved here. They didn’t just throw this one together as a bone for die-hard “Extras” fans. This is a near feature-length examination of fame, friendship and life’s disillusionment and redemption. I certainly didn’t expect that going into it and was stunned and surprisingly moved by how thoughtful (and painfully funny) the closure was.”

Ou seja, será o evento do mês.


Edit: acabei de escutar. Não poderia deixar de postar o melhor quote da entrevista, quando Gervais é perguntado sobre o Emmy de melhor ator que ele ganhou recentemente:

 “I was surprised as Alec Baldwin. And Steve Carell.”

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